Awnings and External Blinds

Sunshine Coast Awnings & External Blinds

Classiqué Blinds are Sunshine Coast awnings specialists, providing quality awning and blind solutions for homes and businesses in Gympie and Sunshine Coast. External window awnings provide your home with complete protection from the sun’s heat and glare, and our range of options includes aluminium, fabric and motorised products.

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Aluminium vs Fabric External Window Awnings:

We currently offer both aluminium and fabric window awnings, both of which are ideal for different applications and budgets.

Aluminium Window Awnings:

Aluminium awnings offer a high resistance to corrosion and weathering while requiring minimal maintenance, making them a fantastic choice in the harsh Queensland climate. They are also available in a huge range of powdercoated colours that can be mixed and matched to suit the other exterior elements of your home such as roofing, downpipes and window frames.

Our aluminium awnings are available in louvre or fixed hood design options, both of which are designed to protect you from heat and other natural elements.

Fabric Window Awnings:

Fabric awnings provide protection from light, heat and prying eyes and are available in traditional Canvas, Woven Acrylics, Sunscreen Mesh, Café PVC and Clear or Tinted Plastic.

Our most popular outdoor fabric blind options include:

Zipscreen & Ziptrack Café Outdoor Blinds: Ideal for cafes and home outdoor areas, they are custom-made to fit and can be used as pergola blinds, external roller blinds and anywhere that protection from insects, the sun or wind is required. They’re a fantastic choice to extend wind and sun protection for your outdoor entertainment area, providing up to 90% protection from wind and rain.

Ziptracks are a guided system that can be left open at any height or locked closed at the bottom. They feature a patented design that grips tight to the vertical tracks which won’t rattle, even in strong winds

Channel Awnings: The come with an aluminium “U” channels with notched stoppers and are built to fit between the channels of your pergola or entertainment area. Channel window awnings have a spring-loaded roller at the top and are hand operated by twisting the bottom rail.


Sunshine Coast Awnings

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Our Retractable Screens

Retractable Screens Gympie & Sunshine Coast

Classiqué Blinds supply and install high-quality Retractable Screens in the Gympie and Sunshine Coast area. Retractable screens are a great solution to protect your home and family from insects and the harsh glare of the sun without interrupting your visibility or natural ventilation. Our range of retractable screens for residential and commercial purposes includes different styles, sizes, colours and textures to suit different budgets, applications and specifications.

For more information about Retractable Screens, visit our showroom or contact us on (07) 5481 2846 to request a free quote.

Our Range of Retractable Screens:

We source all our products from reputably Australian owned companies and we only carry products that we would be happy to use in our own homes. For our range of retractable screens, we stock Phantom Screens and Centor Architectural products. Phantom screens are premier providers of retractable door and window screens and Centor is a multi award-winning designer and manufacturer of screens who have solved the problem of screening large openings with their horizontal retractable insect screen system.

Phantom Screens:

Phantom Door Screens provide full shielding from insects, heat and light. Versatile to fit into any application, and allowing full ventilation makes them best suited for residential as well as commercial door applications. These customised door screens come in a wide colour range to match the style of your living area.

Their ‘Serene Window Screens’ range is specially designed for windows and can be mounted internally or externally allowing full ventilation and protection from insects and pests. These can be easily installed in sliding windows, oversized windows, in-swing and out-swing windows, and other window openings. They are designed with special mesh retention system to keep the screen in its place even during high winds or storms.

Centor’s S1E Eco-screen:

The S1E Eco-screen from Centor is the first of its kind in world. It is a retractable insect screen suitable for openings as wide as 7.6m. These retractable screens are manufactured in stainless steel and reinforced engineering polymers. S1E Eco-screens can be used with sliding and French doors.

Gympie & Sunshine Coast Retractable Screens

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Colonial Cast Decorative Doors

Colonial Cast Doors Gympie & Sunshine Coast

Classiqué Blinds supply and install decorative colonial cast doors in Gympie and surrounding Sunshine Coast areas. Cast panel doors are a perfect addition to the entrance of your home, providing your property with a touch of style and class. They are available as safety or security doors, making your home safer while increasing your privacy.

We carry a wide range of cast panel doors in different designs and patterns, all Australian made. To see some examples of the different styles available, visit our showroom or call (07) 5481 2846 to arrange a free measure and quote.

Safety vs Security Doors:

Cast panel doors are traditionally safety doors which are different to security doors – a security door must meet the Australian Standards while safety doors do not. At Classiqué Blinds, we offer our customers the option of having the colonial cast decorative door installed as a safety door using standard fly mesh or as a security door using Crimsafe security mesh.

Cast Panel Safety Doors:

Our range of cast panel doors are strong and durable, making them ideal for use as a safety door. We have cast panels for both hinged and sliding doors and the frames are built from heavy-duty extruded aluminium while the door inserts are powder layered using pure recyclable aluminium. This method strengthens the material and makes it stronger than the conventional method.

Cast Panel Security Doors:

We give you the option of making your cast door a security door by combining our Standard Cast Panel Doors with the Crimsafe security system. Cast Panel Security Doors will act as first line of defence for your home, while providing the elegant look of a colonial cast decorative door. Crimsafe needs to be added to the door during the manufacturing process – it cannot be added afterwards, so please let us know when placing your order if you would like to upgrade to a security door.


Colonial Cast Doors

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Aluminium and Roller Shutters

Gympie & Sunshine Coast Roller Shutter Installation Services

Established in 2008, Classiqué Blinds provide Roller Shutter installation services for homes and businesses in the wider Gympie area. Our team has over two decades of experience in roller shutter, awning and blind installations – visit our showroom to see our range of products or discuss your requirements with one of our knowledgeable sales consultants.

Installation is performed by our professional team who know our product offerings like the palm of their hand. Have the peace of mind knowing that if your product fails, we’ll be out to you to take care of it in no time at all. Give us a call on (07) 5481 2846 to arrange a measure and quote.

Domestic Roller Shutters and Storm Shutters:

Storm Shutters are a great choice for protection against cyclone and heavy storm damage to windows and patio areas. In addition, they’ve got similar security capabilities to Security Roller Shutters. Their lightweight aluminium design is powder-coated in your choice of colour and ensures easy operation with the potential for motorisation available. Our Storm Shutters include a sleek metal housing over the roll to protect the components from the surrounding environment.

Features include:

  • Reduction in external noise
  • Increase in privacy
  • Increased insulation
  • Storm and hail protection (cyclone rating available on request)
  • Secure locking system

All available in your choice of colour, available with electric or battery-operated motorisation.

Security Shutters:

Keep your shopfront protected with a high-quality Aluminium Roller Shutter, available with motorised or manual wind operation. We use durable components paired with secure locking systems for added peace of mind. All security shutters are custom-made to size to accommodate your specific security and size requirements. We’ve built security shutters for all kinds of applications including shopfront protection, security enclosures, payment window protection and more.


Sunshine Coast Roller Shutter Installation

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Prowler Proof

Gympie Prowler Proof Security Screens Installation

Classiqué Blinds are Sunshine Coast and Gympie Crimsafe security screen installation specialists, providing the latest security technology tailored to suit your home. We’re professional installers and suppliers of Prowler Proof’s range of products, ensuring a reliable fit with the kind of attention to detail you’d expect from two decades of experience. Our team pride themselves on efficient installation and friendly reputable advice.

Get in touch on (07) 5481 2846 or visit our showroom to organise a free measure and quote.

Why Choose Prowler Proof?

Prowler Proof is Australia’s only welded security screen…and the only security screen made in a world class fully automated factory. These two facts combine to make Prowler Proof a superior product at a competitive price. We are the only security screen manufacturer in Australia to offer a 10 year replacement warranty. You will quite simply get a new product if your Prowler Proof product shows defects in workmanship or materials within 10 years from the date of manufacture. No ifs, no buts…no paperwork. Prowler Proof is a 100% Australian owned and operated family business. We have manufactured high quality security doors and window screens since 1984.

Prowler Proof today …

Prowler Proof manufactures Australia’s best residential security screens in Australia’s only world class manufacturing facility.  Produced in a computer controlled hi-tech environment, Prowler Proof costs no more than old fashioned security screens with screws or rivets, put together by hand. Still Prowler Proof is stronger, looks better and offers better corrosion protection than any other security screen. You don’t have to take our word for it: Prowler Proof has passed every conceivable test with flying colours and all test results are available right here on our website.

A welded security screen is stronger…and looks better!

A weld can be stronger than the parts joined
The main difference between Prowler Proof and other security screens is that all Prowler Proof products have a fully welded frame. A weld joins two parts together, a screw or a rivet merely hold two parts together. A weld can actually be stronger than the parts joined…and it looks better than screws or rivets, too.

Seamless corners
With its seamless welded corners a Prowler Proof security screen looks like it’s made in one piece. It feels that way, too. You will immediately notice the difference when you compare Prowler Proof with a product that is held together by screws or rivets. Prowler Proof feels stronger because it is stronger.

No risk of corrosion caused by metals interacting
Whenever two different metals interact, there’s a risk of corrosion. With no screws or rivets to penetrate the frame and the mesh in order to keep them together, this risk is eliminated in a Prowler Proof security screen. Another huge advantage of a welded security screen.

Above and beyond the standards 

Beating burgulars
Prowler Proof products meet or exceed all relevant Australian Standards…as well as some even tougher international standards. These tests include simulated burglar attacks with a knife, a screwdriver, cutting pliers…kicking and pulling. No match for ForceField®Protec or any Diamond product.

Imagine being hit by 5 steel bullets less than a centimetre in diameter at 170km/h plus. Or a 4kg timber block at more than 100km/h. That is what is required by the Australian Standards Cyclone Test and Prowler Proof ForceField® passed with flying colour. ForceField® has also passed the American Standards Hurricane Test.

Salt water, fire and sun
All Prowler Proof products have survived a 1000-hour Salt-Spray Test with no signs of corrosion. ForceField, Guardian and Protec are approved for buildings in bushfire prone areas… other Prowler Proof products just need the optional stainless steel insect gauze to comply. A European test revealed that ForceField® reduces heat and UV light by 55%. We could go on…

Extensive Range:

We cater to the varied needs of our customers by having an extensive range of products available to suit different budget, home and security requirements, and so does Prowler Proof. Prowler Proof’s product offerings include:

  • Security doors
  • Security window screens (fixed, hinged & sliding)
  • Security enclosure screens

Get in touch with us for a quote or visit our showroom in person to see our product offerings for yourself and get a full rundown on the features from our friendly team.

You can rest assured that our team have Federal Police Checks – please ask to see their accreditation.


Gympie Prowler Proof Security Screen Installation

Get in touch with Classiqué Blinds to discuss our full range of Prowler Proof security screen products or to organise a free measure and quote. Call (07) 5481 2846

Panther Protect

Gympie Panther Protect Installation

Classiqué Blinds are Gympie Panther Protect installation professionals, certified by the Panther Protect team to install their high-quality range of security screens. Our professional team have all been Federal Police Checked accredited. We work with our clients to provide a security screen solution that fits their home, lifestyle and budget perfectly.

Like all the products we stock, Panther Protect products are made in Australia and use high quality components to ensure maximum durability. Panther Protect products come with a 10-year warranty on the product as well as a two-year installation warranty from our team.

Give us a call on (07) 5481 2846 to arrange a free measure and quote.

Why Choose Panther Protect?

Panther Protect are a well-known security brand, providing high quality security solutions designed to stand up to the test of time and give you the peace of mind to sleep comfortably at night.

Features include:

  • Impact resistance 20 times greater than the Australian standard
  • High quality stainless-steel mesh designed to stand the test of time
  • Advanced three-point locking system to discourage and prevent break-ins
  • Locking leg design that grips the screen harder with each impact
  • Sleek design without exposed rivets and screws ruining your view

Panther Protect products use a clamping leg design to securely grip the screen in place when impacted and the tensile strength of the stainless-steel mesh ensures protection against sharp implements. While all stainless-steel mesh products are prone to corrosion at some stage if not properly maintained, Panther Protect products are designed to be as durable as possible in corrosion-inducive environments like beachfront properties.

See the Full Range:

Panther Protect products are available as security doors, window screens, escape windows and for use in security enclosures. All are built to size using high-quality materials to fit your home perfectly. In addition to Panther Protect products, we’ve got Crimsafe’s range of security screens as well as some affordable generic security screen products available. Visit our showroom or call us in for an obligation-free quote and have our team run over the features of our different products to find the right product for your home, lifestyle and budget.

Gympie Panther Protect Installation

Get in touch with Classiqué Blinds to discuss our full range of Panther Protect security screen products or to organise a free measure and quote. Call (07) 5481 2846

Fly Screens and Security Doors

Gympie Security Screens and Installation Services

Gympie security screen installation professionals, Classiqué Blinds install a wide range of security and fly screen products to suit different budgets and applications. All our products are Australian-made, custom-built to your sizing and style requirements.

Give us a call on (07) 5481 2846 or send us an email to discuss our product range or arrange a measure and quote. We service the wider Gympie and Sunshine coast region with free installation.

Security Screen Options:

In addition to our Crimsafe and Panther Protect ranges, we also install generic security screen with options including:

  • Perforated Aluminium Screens
  • Stainless Steel Mesh
  • Diamond Grill Screen

If you’re unsure which security screen solution would best suit your budget and needs the best, then please get in touch with us on (07) 5481 2846 to speak with one of our experienced sales consultants.

Fly Screen Options:

We can provide complete flyscreen installation services as well as re-meshing your existing screens. Combine a fly mesh with a diamond grill screen for a great visual deterrence and protection from pesky insects.

Our range includes:

  • Standard fly mesh
  • Sandfly / midge mesh
  • Pet Mesh
  • Stainless Steel

Pet Door Installation:

We can install pet doors in your fly screen or security screen. The door will be made to accommodate your pets comfortably without sacrificing the structural integrity of your security screen. Our team can also custom design pet entry to suit your requirements.

Tailored Product Range:

Our products are all Australian-made and are custom built to your size and specifications. This means that your new screen will fit your door perfectly with minimal panel gaps. You also get the peace of mind knowing that your product has been built with high quality materials by skilled local labour, ensuring long term durability that off-the-shelf products can’t provide.


Gympie Security Screen Installation

You can rely on our team for protection from the elements and intruders with custom designed screens solutions to suit your needs. Get in touch with Classiqué Blinds to discuss our full range of security screens and installation services, or to organise a free measure and quote. Call (07) 5481 2846

Security Enclosures

Outdoor Screen Enclosures

Classiqué Blinds install outdoor screen enclosures, providing expertly-designed and secure outdoor spaces in Gympie and the Sunshine Coast. We provide tailored advice to find the right product to suit your surrounding environment, application and budget. All our products are manufactured in Australia, come with free delivery and if you find a better quote somewhere else, we’ll match it. Get in touch with us on (07) 5481 2846 to arrange a free measure and quote.

Why Choose a Security Screen Enclosure?

With so many other alternatives to protect your outdoor area from sun, wind and pests, why choose a security screen enclosure over awnings or glass panels? The advantages of security screen enclosures are threefold:

  • Increased security
  • Visibility
  • Controlled Airflow
  • Added Entertainment Area

Having outdoor security screens adds another barrier of protection from intrusion. Couple them with security screens over your doors and windows and any would-be intruder will be deterred by a lack of weak points. Like glass, they provide protection against wind and insects without restricting your view, but unlike glass, there’s still controlled airflow so the enclosure doesn’t become too humid.

Outdoor Enclosure Options:

With sleek, modern frames available in a variety of different colours, we’re sure we’ll find a solution that fits your criteria without detracting from the look of your home. Security enclosures can be made from any of our screen products, including:

We can build all kinds of enclosures from security screens including pool fencing, outdoor patio protection, indoor gardens and more. Visit our showroom to view displays, samples and photos of our product range and capabilities.


Professional Installation:

Our team have over two decades of experience and all have extensive product knowledge; we’ll help you find the right screen enclosure solution to suit your needs and budget. All products we stock are made in Australia and have varied warranties ranging from one to 10 years.

Outdoor Screen Enclosures

Our team can specially design an outdoor entertainment area to suit your needs. Get in touch with Classiqué Blinds to discuss our full range of security screen products or to organise a free measure and quote on outdoor screen enclosures. Call (07) 5481 2846

Blinds, Romans & Venetians

Sunshine Coast Blind Installation Services

Established in 2008, Classiqué Blinds are Gympie blind installation specialists, offering a range of high quality Roman, Roller, Panel Glide and Venetian Blinds with plenty of options to choose from. Our team have over two decades of experience in blind installation and our friendly staff are available to make recommendations and tailor products to suit your needs. Free measures and quotes are provided, with free professional installation available for all products.

Give us a call on (07) 5481 2846 to organise a free measure and quote.

Wide Range of Blinds to Choose From:

Panel Glide Blinds:

Panel Glide Blinds use a top track with thin sliding fabric panels. They’re a very modern-looking design and are a fantastic choice that comes in a wide variety of colour and fabric options. As they slide horizontally, they’re a fantastic choice to use as a door blind paired with Roman Blinds on your windows.

Roman Blinds:

Roman Blinds utilise fabric panels that fold and unfold vertically during operation, providing a stylish alternative to Roller Blinds.

Features of Roman Blinds include:

  • Cord or chain operation
  • Option of timber or plastic rails between panels
  • Space saving
  • Easy operation
  • Strong and durable aluminium top track

Venetian Blinds:

Venetian Blinds are a timeless design choice that work with almost any interior design. We’ve got Timber and Aluminium Venetian Blinds available in your choice of colour. When fully retracted, they take up minimal space at the top of your windows.

Roller Blinds:

Roller Blinds are a fantastic affordable option for use on windows, are quick and easy to use, and take up the least amount of space out of any other blind type. We offer the standard variety of roller blinds as well as double Roller Blinds and Media Blinds.

Vertical Blinds:

Vertical Blinds use up little space, are incredibly affordable and allow greater control over the amount of sunlight in your room. Visit our page on Vertical Blinds to read more about them and the options available.


Choosing Fabric and Options:

We pride ourselves on offering a variety of options for our customers, including a wide selection of fabrics in different colours and patterns to suit your lifestyle and décor. There are three main types of fabric that are used on interior blinds: Solar Screens, Translucent and Block-Out Fabrics. Your choice will ultimately depend on the kind of room you have, your lifestyle and what you’re seeking out of your new blinds.

We provide a free measure and quote for all customers where our friendly team will show you all the options available.

Fabric Choices:

  • As their name suggests, Solar Screens reduce solar heat and glare, but don’t hinder your views in the process, making them a great choice for a living room space.
  • Block-Out Blinds are the opposite; providing the ultimate in privacy, heat, glare and complete sun protection, Block-out blinds are a fantastic choice for bedrooms.
  • Translucent blinds offer something in-between. You’ll still have fantastic privacy and sun protection, but you may need to come up a bit closer to view what’s on the other side.

Our blinds also come with a variety of hardware options to choose from.

Sunshine Coast Blind Installation Services

Get in touch with Classiqué Blinds to discuss our full range of blinds, romans and venetians, or to organise a free measure and quote. Call (07) 5481 2846

Plantation Shutters

Gympie Plantation Shutters and Installation Services

Classiqué Blinds Gympie provide Sunshine Coast Plantation Shutter installation services, with high quality solutions tailored to the customer. We offer product for product price matching. Our product range includes options to suit most décor styles and budgets, and all Plantation Shutters we install are custom-made to suit your home perfectly.

Why Choose Plantation Shutters?

  • Timeless look and appeal
  • Perfect for modern homes as well as older timber homes
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Insulation
  • Easy operation

Our Shutters are available in a range of different materials to suit your lifestyle, décor and budget, including Aluminium, Timber and composite Thermalite. All products include a 2-year warranty on workmanship plus a product warranty which varies depending on the material it is made from.

Give us a call on (07) 5481 2846 to discuss our full range of products or to organise a free measure and quote.

Aluminium Shutters:

If you want to get the most durability out of your Plantation Shutters, then aluminium is the perfect choice because they are incredibly durable. With Aluminium Shutters, you don’t have to worry about your shutters being damaged from water if you’ve left your windows open during a storm, as they aren’t going to warp or rot from water exposure. For this reason, Aluminium Shutters are best suited for external use.

Aluminium Shutters are also much more lightweight than Timber Shutters, making them easier to operate, resulting in less stress on other components. They are available in a wide range of Powder-coated colours which won’t fade under sunlight.

Timber Shutters:

Timber Plantation Shutters can be painted in your colour of choice or clear-coated for a beautiful natural look. Timber Shutters do tend to look and feel a bit more authentic compared to aluminium. Due to the vulnerability of natural timber, we go above and beyond to ensure our timber shutters are more durable than other products on the market, using high quality components and paint paired with professional manufacturing and installation procedures.

Thermalite Shutters:

Thermalite are the ultimate material for Plantation Shutters. It’s a composite material that has the look and feel of timber but isn’t prone to warping or rot, while still having amazing insulation properties. They’re a great choice for internal and external use and are completely fire retardant. As a testament to the product quality, Thermalite Shutters come with up to 25-year warranty on the materials and a 5-year warranty on paint.


Sunshine Coast Plantation Shutters

Get in touch with Classiqué Blinds to discuss our full range of plantation shutters, or to organise a free measure and quote. Call (07) 5481 2846